Distressed Investments

Markus Williams Young & Hunsicker’s Bankruptcy and Corporate Restructuring Practice Group includes experienced lawyers focused exclusively on helping clients with all aspects of the acquisition of distressed investments.

Our highly skilled legal team works with clients, advising them on the best practices to minimize the costs and time associated with the acquisition of distressed investments. Our clients, including private equity and hedge funds, find that our lawyers provide them with the critical eye and practical advice they need to make acquisitions.

How Can We Help?

  • We help clients with pre-transaction diligence and structuring.
  • We bring our specialized skills and expertise to help clients with transaction due diligence and documentation, right from the term sheet to transaction negotiation, consummation, and administration.
  • We offer practical advice concerning procedural and other matters related to potential and actual bankruptcy.
  • When clients turn to us, they benefit not just from our in-depth knowledge, but also from our critical and analytical skills. Our lawyers will offer you a detailed analysis of all documentation.
  • Clients benefit from our expert advice on the Uniform Commercial Code implications of the transaction.
  • Our lawyers draw on their diverse strengths to offer clients an ability to implement a wide variety of acquisition strategies, including prepackaged bankruptcies, Bankruptcy Code Section 363 sales, and “friendly” foreclosures, aimed at acquiring distressed investments free and clear of existing liens.
  • Our attorneys also make referrals of opportunities that they come across in the course of their practices to acquisition-minded clients.
  • Through our critical and analytical skills, we can help clients acquire troubled companies and troubled company loans and assets.

We do all this so our clients can develop and implement effective distressed investment acquisition strategies.

Why Markus Williams Young & Hunsicker?

The attorneys at Markus Williams Young & Hunsicker combine wide-ranging expertise with solid experience to help clients maximize their leverage. With several combined decades of experience, our lawyers bring to the table specialized legal skills in restructuring, insolvency, and workout and commercial loan documentation issues related to distressed investments. They have extensive experience representing secured lenders with problem loan portfolios, which helps them provide private equity and hedge fund clients a sharper insight and fresh perspective.

Attorneys Concentrating In Distressed Investments